We are a competitive professional baseball club - with our players competing at all levels from local team galas.

the academy

Located in Ocoee, FL and Founded by Brian Martinez in 2014, TNXL Academy is a high school baseball alternative for the player looking to be prepared for the next level. This all started with the hope that development would be the main focus of the every day player and not the outcome of a championship. By being prepared and staying consistent with a regiment Brian Martinez, Mike Mercadante and Eddy Rodriguez provide a well balanced dose of baseball specific training for the elite level baseball player. TNXL is in its fifth year and has gone from 14 players to 50 of the hardest working individuals out there. Our vision is to continue to excel in the everyday mental and physical aspects of the game to better ready these boys for what is to come.

a day in the life

A day in the life of a TNXL athlete consists of four and a half hours of position specific training. Each day is carefully planned to ensure maximum opportunity for growth and learning in all aspects of the game, from appropriate warm-up and stretching, to simulated game situations.  TNXL utilizes FlightScope technology to track our athletes on-field metrics.  These metrics include: pitch velocity, spin rate and location for pitchers,  and exit velocity, launch angle and distance for hitters. Trevor Anderson, founder of Better Every Day, leads our Strength and conditioning, which is a major part of every athlete’s daily routine, with each workout designed to fit the specific needs of the individual. When it comes to speed and endurance we are blessed to have one of the best in the business,  We test our athletes six times per year to track progress in 16 specific categories. The results are utilized to design the athlete’s training plan going forward. TNXL players train Monday through Thursday, with Friday being an optional day for individual work.

2021 Senior National Signing Day

Are you ready to be recruited?

Based on a study by the NCAA, the probability of high school baseball players competing at the college level is 5.6%, with 2.2% playing at the Division I level.   At TNXL, 32 out of 36 graduating players have gone on to play college baseball, and two others were drafted after their senior high school season, for a total of 34 of out 36 high school graduates playing at THE NEXT LEVEL. That’s a 95% success rate!

College baseball scouts evaluate players by arm strength, fielding range, speed, and hitting for power and average.  It is important for coaches to know what skills college scouts are looking for in players of each position in order to fine tune those skills.

At TNXL, our results speak for themselves.  If you’re interested in playing at the next level, ask yourself this one important question: Am I confident the program and coaches I am involved with now, will get me there? If not, please contact us to learn more about how you can become a part of TNXL Academy.


TNXL Academy
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