TNXL High School Program 2024/2025 Season

$16,500 TNXL Annual Player Tuition

Payment Options with Credit Card On File for Auto payment on the 30th of each month beginning August 30th. 
  • 10 month payment option
    • $1650 Per Month Player Tuition
      • No Fundraising Requirements
Tuition includes:
  • 4 days a week of training 5th day optional
    • Pitching
      • Rapsodo & FlightScope Data
    • Hitting
      • FlightScope Data
    • Arm care
    • Strength and conditioning
    • Defensive work
    • Nutrition
    • Mental coaching
    • Game Participation
    • College prep
  •  Florida virtual school option which allows for a more flexible schedule.
    • FLVS is fully accredited through the NCAA and has been a great resource for our players to move onto the next level.
      • We also do offer tutoring for players on SAT/ACT as well.
  • Other schooling options such as private schools are available but will increase the fee for the player.
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